Scientists tell us that the UK may experience wetter winters as our climate changes. What happens to all that water that lands in your garden during a deluge? If it lands on a hard surface, it all runs off again, eroding soil, thus overloading the sewerage system. Maybe it has nowhere to go and you have a flood. If you’re lucky enough to have areas of planting, rainwater will be absorbed and filtered harmlessly down into the water table.

So, flower beds are good for the environment. They are also good for people. Doctors are convinced that patients overlooking an area of soft landscaping make quicker recoveries than those faced with pavements and buildings.

If that wasn’t a good enough reason to add planting to your outdoor space, you should also consider the structure and the beauty that a well considered planting scheme can add to your garden. If implemented well, then this is a fantastic way to add interest and encourage wildlife into your world. From bamboos that rustle in the wind and can be as calming as running water, to grasses which sway and add movement or highly scented flowers which spark your memories or simply help you to relax whilst you’re reading your book in the sunshine or entertaining friends. We are passionate about plants and would love to help you achieve your ambitions in this area.